“We had a 4000 gallon service tank that sat in our warehouse for over 4 years without use, we recently had to place this tank in service and needed to replace the two 4” gate valves with newer style ball valves.
In our early days someone thought using JB Weld was a great idea for thread sealant (we have long since stopped using as you can imagine why). After we removed the 2 valves we had quite a lot of threads that needed this material cleaned out. The EZ Thread ® tool worked perfectly for this as access was tight and there was no way to chase these threads with any other type tool.
We used 2 different EZ thread ® tools and even after removing an obscene amount of epoxy (liquid metal) there was still plenty of grit evident on the working surface of the tools…. I’m sold!”

~ Harry Waggoner,
Sr. Materials Coordinator
COLFAX Fluid Handling